If there is one thing that is never in short supply in the Himalaya, it is festivals. And to celebrate this bounty we have designed many of our trips around these fascinating episodes. It has often been said that Nepal alone has more festivals than days in a year! This is particularly true of the Kathmandu valley, a melting pot of Hinduism, Buddhism and a few other shamanistic religions where almost every locality has its own special day and festival. You ..[Read More]
mustang-tiji-festival The Tiji festival is held in Lo Manthang every year and is a three-day ritual known as "The chasing of the Demons" that focuses on the Tiji myth. The myth tells of a deity named DorjeJono who must battle against his demon father to save the Kingdom of Mustang from destruction. The demon father wreaked havoc on Mustang by bringing a shortage of water (a highly precious resource in this very dry land) causing many resultant disasters from famine to animal .. [Read More]
A rite of passage in every Hindu man’s life is the donning of the “sacred thread” or “Janai” in Nepali. Once donned, the Hindu in question will be regarded as having achieved majority and assumes his place within his caste, empowered to carry out religious rituals, marry, mourn the passing of a family member, etc. Every year, on the full moon “Purnima”, falling within the fourth month of the Hindu lunar calendar the thread must be ritually changed. Apart from the .. [Read More]