Tibet! The very name conjures everything that is mystical about the Himalaya. And at our offices in Kathmandu, we are very enthusiastic about Tibet; for years, we looked at the Himalayan peaks and yearned for that which lay beyond. Then, in 1981 Tibet was opened to tourists and almost immediately we operated our first Tibet tour. In 1984 the road connecting Lhasa to Kathmandu was opened and another exciting possibility came into being – the overland journey to Lhasa! And again, ..[Read More]
Potala Palace Your short journey to Lhasa starts with a breathtaking flight over the eastern Himalaya abroad an Air China aircraft. Mt. Everest (8850m), Mt Makalu (8478m), Kanchenjunga (8585m) and a host of other high Himalayan peaks should be visible on a clear day as the aircraft wings first east and then north to Lhasa. The flight time is short-only 50 minutes but, Lhasa is two hours fifteen minutes ahead of Kathmandu and the mountain scenery is a lifetime worth of experiences!If you .. [Read More]
This trip allows you to get a more “hands on” experience of Tibet. It is designed to show you more of this fascinating land and her people. Your visits to Tsetang, Gyangtse, Shigatse and Lhasa overland will take you must travel to the roof of the world to see, observing one of the most colorful and fascinating religions and cultures on earth. The difference being that you will be doing so in comfort. After you are met off the flight from .. [Read More]
Bakhor bazaar This is definitive short Tibet vacation. Combining equal parts leisure and adventurous overland travel. Starting from Kathmandu, you will fly over the eastern Himalaya to the mystical Tibetan capital of Lhasa. This most spectacular flight over the Himalayan range will take you past , Mt. Everest (8850 m), Mt,Makalu (8478 m), Mt. Kanchejunga (8585 m) and a host of other mighty Himalayan peaks.Your first three days are spent sightseeing in and around Lhasa. Then, you will begin your overland journey back .. [Read More]
In recent years, the Chinese have expanded their highway system to reach the Rongbuk Monastery at the foot of Mt. Everest at 4890 meters doing away with the need to trek in and out of the Dzakar Chu valley and camping along the way. Depending on the season (and the mood of the guards at the Monastery) it is also possible to visit the North Base camp 8 kilometers south of the Monastery. From Rongbuk Monastery, there are dramatic views of .. [Read More]
The Ganden to Samye trek route has proved to be one of the most captivating of all Tibetan treks with a rich variety of scenery from high snowy passes to lush alpine meadows to the desert like environs of the Samye monastery. Camping along the way is excellent. There are secluded valleys inhabited by nomads and yaks This pilgrimage route is well-used by Tibetans who combine a visit to Ganden, the principal monastery of the yellow hat sect with a hard .. [Read More]